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For over 30 years, EPCA has been designing, manufacturing and installing electronics and electrical systems for the industry. Our trademark, imasTec, is present in processing plants, industrial plants, fields, ducts, with services and products for cathodic protection, Industrial Control, telemetry and renewable energy.


We have designed and manufactured a complete set of equipment, Instruments and accessories That can cover all needs in cathodic protection systems. We also offer equipment and software to implement telemetry and control of this systems, for compressors or for chemical injection.
We supply complete power generation systems with solar panels, from small installations to large plants.


Surveys and Inspection

Start Up

Engineering and Desing

Assistence and Training

EPCA can offer a complete set of solutions which includes initial advice based on the user needs and inquires, basic and details engineering, components provision, the start-up of the cathodic protection systems, commissioning and maintenance.

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