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Innovación y Tecnología

en Generación de Energía

con Fuentes Renovables

EPCA can offer a complete set of solutions that includes initial advice based on user needs or inquiries, basic and detail engineering, component provision, site commissioning and maintenance.

These solutions are offered for small home projects, industrial, commercial or sports facilities, or large projects of electric power generation for own consumption or for sale to the public network or other customers.

  • paperwork

  • Engineering

  • Turnkey plants

  • Provision of components

  • Operation

  • Maintenance


Where safe electrical power is required or where it is not possible to connect to a distribution network, EPCA provides facilities for emergency or 24-hour supply. Based on the need, we designed the best technical solution, we take care of the system provision, commissioning and maintenance.

  • Communications

  • Lighting

  • Cathodic Protection 

  • Pumping

  • Control systems

  • Emergency or alarm systems

For power consumptiom

In one way or another, we are witnessing a change of era: the cheap and polluting energy is not the path to sustainable development because it compromises the quality life of the next generations. On the other hand, new technologies and lower costs allow us to think of systems to reduce consumption and migrate to self-generation in homes, factories, commercial installations, public or private lighting, etc. In addition, in the coming years, laws will be consolidated that will allow small generators, including homeowners, to sell energy to the public grid.

If it is necessary to reduce the energy demanded to the grid; or if it is necessary to ensure the operation before cuts of lighting or alarm systems; or if the link with renewable energies is a central point in the corporate and public image, photovoltaic energy is the way to answer all these questions with a single installation.

  • Reduce energy consumption

  • Secure the supply in the event of power outages

  • Sell the energy that is not consumed 

  • shopping malls

  • Sports facilities

  • Educational centers

  • Public places.

EPCA puede ofrecerle un servicio de EPC para grandes


Diseñamos plantas de MW’s de potencia instalada para grandes

consumos propios o para comercializar conectados a la red pública

  • Design

  • Choice of suppliers

  • Start up

  • Maintenance

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